Tax trade-offs

Looking through the tax bill to be voted on today, one thing is clear – the bill creation process if flawed. The bill is full of inconsistent tax philosophies and riddled with problems that advantage upper income payers, while being punitive to those in transition and middle class families. What does it mean to say this hurts families in transition?

  • The bill shifts alimony from the lower income recipient to the high income earner, taking needed funds out of a family that has separated and taxing someone who has funds allocated as unable to spend by a court order.
  • The bill removes the ability to deduct moving expenses for individuals (but companies still may as a cost of doing business). If there is no work in your town, or if faced with the choice to move or become unemployed this is going to hit your household hard at a vulnerable time.

Instead of going line by line through over 1,000 pages of proposed legislation, instead let’s cover what is really wrong. The chaos of this bill is what happens when you create a tax code without building on a stable foundation and philosophy. This bill is the equivalent of legal jenga, where pieces are pulled out with the hope that it doesn’t topple…and when it inevitably does topple, it is my expectation the creators of this bill will point to the last block pulled as the cause rather than a poorly created bill that is designed to eventually crash down.