Instead of fundraising, we are #MaineRaising; building a stronger community by contributing to local worthy causes and shopping at businesses in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. Keep an eye out for messages from this campaign to target toward specific industries or community needs. Current focus will be pinned on Twitter, but any spending in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District helps!

Donate #MaineRaising

  1. Pick a food bank or other charity in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District
  2. Make a donation
  3. Tell the organization that you gave because of this campaign
  4. Don’t forget to share that you donated – tag the campaign and encourage others to have their political contributions do good!

Current Donate MaineRaising: August 2022 – Represent Education

Shop #MaineRaising

  1. Select a business in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District that sells online (or by phone)
  2. Purchase great Maine stuff
  3. In the comments/special instructions of your purchase, put #MaineRaising with a note about how you found their business and what you like about this campaign
  4. For an in-person or phone order, tell the store you are purchasing because of the campaign
  5. When your purchase arrives, show off your great Maine stuff on social media and tag the business (and the campaign!) – help others discover how amazing Maine is!

Current Shop MaineRaising: August 2022 – Self-care Summer

Share this message. Anyone in the world can help change the way we do politics in Maine. Out of state money funding special interests? No, thanks! Out of state money contributing to our economy? Yes, please!

Send $ to our economy instead of sending it to campaign coffers.

Past Donate #MaineRaising – if these speak to you, you can still do them!

July 2022 – Celebrate Reproductive Freedom

10/18/18 – 11/7/18: Feel the Chill of Fall

9/1/18 – 9/30/18: Represent Education

7/27/18 – 8/31/18 Bridge the Addiction Gap

6/12/18 – 7/15/18 Survive the Summer

3/12/18 – 5/12/18 March Forward to End Family Violence

2/11/18 – 3/11/18 Love Your neighbors

1/10/18 – 2/10/18 Warming up a Winter Wonderland

Past Shop #MaineRaising – if you’d rather shop here, go for it!

10/1/18 – 11/6/18: Harvest Hunt

7/10/18 – 8/12/18 Self-care Summer

6/2/18 – 7/7/18 Indulge in Tasty Treats

4/7/18 – 5/7/18 Knit Our Community Together

3/16/18 – 4/6/18 Grow Your Own Piece of Maine

2/15/18 – 3/15/18 Be Your Own Valentine

12/26/17 – 1/9/18 Curl Up with Maine