About Me

The personal stuff – I’m a family law attorney with my primary office in Rangeley, where I live with my husband of 18 years, our two adventurous boys, one large dog, and a couple of barn cats. I’m not exciting, scandalous, or rich. I’m boring, a penny-pincher, and only moderately successful at gardening. The thing that most gets caught in my jaw is one we all share; that the law I work with and we all live by is screwed up and no one is fixing it.

Unfortunately, if my job is frustrating, that probably means your life is more frustrating than it needs to be, too. Maybe you’re in Jackman and are having a hard time getting your driver’s license? Perhaps you are in Magalloway and don’t have the transportation or childcare to travel to a court date for your divorce that’s 10 minutes long but over an hour away each direction? It could be that you are in Rangeley and are exhausted that the nearest pharmacy isn’t near at all? It might be that we share thinking that basic housekeeping on our laws needs to happen – we have a lot of laws that are out of date, needing to be tweaked or removed?

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