Shop #MaineRaising for 2/15-3/15: Be Your Own Valentine!


2/15/18 – 3/15/2018

Be Your Own Valentine

If you didn’t get what you wanted this Valentine’s Day…be your own Valentine! Help support the campaign buying from Maine businesses and treat yourself.

1. Place an order for something fun and custom at a Maine- based seller on Etsy, E-Bay or through a direct site.

2. When placing the Order add in comments/instructions: “buying Maine to support Tiffany Bond for Congress”

3. Instagram, Facebook or Tweet your purchase with: #buyMaine4Bond

4. Enjoy!

A sampling of Maine online sellers:

  •, to find Maine sellers, choose custom location and enter “Maine”
    A group of Maine sellers can be found here.
  •, to find Maine sellers, choose advanced search and under location enter your favorite Maine town. If you don’t have a favorite Maine town, I suggest putting in a Bangor zip code (04011) and giving a 150 mile radius.

The preceding information is provided without endorsement to or from the businesses. Tiffany has no business relationship with any of these sellers.

Missing anyone? Contact us.