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Rural Maine is full of hard-working folks raising families and growing communities. We don’t want a handout but we need a voice. We can strengthen and diversify our economy. We can improve access to healthcare that we can actually use. We can do this together. Instead of being driven apart by political conflict, let’s use different opinions and life experiences to find solutions that are better than what any one of us can come up with alone. Let’s do it in a way where everyone has the same opportunity to be heard, with representation that isn’t sold to the highest bidder…and let’s do it in a way that calls out all the nonsense mucking up progress. You can hire an Independent Representative for Maine’s Second Congressional District who isn’t distracted by the constant fundraising and partisan noise. I just work for you.

This campaign is your campaign. Share it with your family, your friends, and your neighbors. You won’t see TV ads or obnoxious mailers. You won’t see campaign fundraisers – that time goes to reading proposed bills so I can help you understand what the heck is going on in DC and how it impacts you here. We all want a different system. We want a system that can send a regular person to represent us who has life experience, the ability to do the job, and who wants to make things better. Good ideas come from unexpected places. Here is your chance, you choose. You choose who you talk about. You choose who you share on social media. You choose whether you prefer conflict, closed ears, and slick flyers…or to hire someone to go do the job for you, and do it well. The power is yours.

Are you ready to go? Join me in getting the ick out of politicking. Get involveddownload a window sign, do a #MaineRaising, tell a few friends, and let’s talk. Let’s solve. Let’s have Maine show the world the way politics should be.

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This site has limited graphics because there are still areas of Maine with dial-up internet…let’s put that on the list of things to fix for Maine.

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